FedEx launches service enhancements for export businesses in South Korea

Fedex Chief Customer

FedEx Express has announced it is enhancing services for export businesses for customers in Jeju Island, South Korea. The services aim to support the island’s businesses including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially those exporting manufactured goods.

The enhanced services are said to include significantly faster loading of outbound shipments, from 2-3 days to one day from pickup. This means that a package picked up on Monday will be onboarded at Incheon Airport by Tuesday and ready for its connection to global destinations, which is intended to improve the experience for local customers. To improve the customer experience for local SMEs, the enhancements will add greater visibility and control of shipments for Jeju customers who can monitor in near real-time on the FedEx homepage or mobile application.

“We’re excited to announce our service enhancements to support our Jeju customers’ growing demand for export shipping services from the Island,” said Eun-Mi Chae, managing director of  FedEx Express Korea. “We continue to invest in our network to create better connectivity and access for customers to grow their businesses globally, while delivering a seamless customer experience.”

Jeju Island recently recorded a 235% Y-o-Y increase in exports, according to a recent Korea International Trade Association report. Since the pandemic, Jeju businesses including SMEs have seen rising demand for export services and are seeking ways to expand to global markets. FedEx expects the service enhancements to benefit shippers in the manufacturing industry, including electric and electronic products, machinery, semiconductors and aircraft parts. Among them, electric and electronic products have been steadily accounting for more than 50% of total exports, according to FedEx.

Source: FedEx