FedEx completes construction phase 1 at Malpensa

FedEx Express has announced the completion of the external structure at its new operations base at Malpensa, Italy. FedEx has announced the completion of “phase 1” of the project covering a surface area of more than 35,000 sq m in total.  The new automated structure is expected to be equipped with technology systems and installations and triple the size of the current FedEx Express premises at Malpensa.  It is set to become the third-largest FedEx hub in Europe, after Paris and Cologne, servicing freight traffic to and from Italy.

The building, which is due for completion by October 2016, is located within the Cargo City development and is expected to include approximately 15,000 sq m of covered warehousing, 20,000 sq m of space for goods handling and parking, and more than 1,000 sq m of offices.

Vito C. Bernardi, managing director, Properties & Real Estate, FedEx Express Europe, said of the announcement, “We are proud to announce that the external structure of our new operational base has been completed within its deadline after just four months after laying the foundations.  Once fully completed, our operational base at Malpensa will enable us to operate on an even more efficient level with direct links by air and land with our 35 locations throughout Italy”.

Bernardi added, “Strengthening our presence at Malpensa is also an important signal for the Italian economy and it goes hand in hand with recent economic growth forecasts.  Export growth, in particular, are supported through the direct connection FedEx has from Italy to the FedEx Global Hub in Memphis, Tennessee, US”.

FedEx Express in Malpensa is the first transportation company connected directly to the United States, thanks to the direct flight from Milan Malpensa to Memphis.

According to the announcement, the extended presence of FedEx at Malpensa falls within the context of the Company’s broader growth strategy for Europe and the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa regions.  This has included the opening of more than 100 new stations over three years, the acquisition of 3 local companies (France, Poland and Southern Africa) and over 6,400 new team members.  Recent investments in Italy are also part of this same strategy, where 24 new stations have opened in less than three years.

The new structure is expected to manage 20,000 shipments daily, 44 flights into and out of Malpensa and 480 connections on the ground on a weekly basis.  Additionally, there is expected to be a fleet of 27 vans available for pick up and deliveries.

Source: FedEx Express