Evri trials new diesel replacement

Evri is trialling Green D+ Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a 100.0% renewable diesel replacement derived from waste and residue oils. The trial is designed to validate claims of a 90.0% plus reduction in emissions and assess the need to use more volume than diesel due to its ‘lower calorific content’.

Green D+ HVO can be used in standard diesel vehicles without any modifications and the fuels can be mixed so tanks don’t need to be cleaned if they need to switch back to diesel. Evri will be using it for its local HGV fleet at its Brooklands site instead of traditional diesel and submitting their findings.

Head of Fleet at Evri David Landy said: “At Evri we are currently using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles for our first mile, client collections and trunking and have been investing in electric vehicles for the ParcelShop fleet (final mile). The middle mile has been the tricky one to get right and we have trialled the 12t CNG and continue to look at that as an option as well as electric vehicles. Green D+ HVO isn’t widely available and there’s a limited supply so it isn’t possible to run our entire fleet from this fuel but, subject to this trial, we believe it will be an viable option to help support our sustainable delivery commitments.”

Source: Evri