EU publishes no deal guidance for air and road transport

The EU Commission has published contingency plans it will introduce in the case of a no deal Brexit. The proposals specify details on EU-UK transport, which will temporarily allow UK hauliers to carry freight to the EU and ensure the continuation of flights.

Hauliers from the UK will be permitted to carry goods to the EU, without having to apply for permits, for a period of nine months after the UK leaves on March 29, 2018. After this time, it appears that ECMT permits would be necessary.

The Commission adopted two measures aimed at avoiding full interruption of air traffic between the EU and the UK. Subject to the UK conferring equivalent rights to EU air carriers, the EU adopted proposals to ensure temporarily (for 12 months), “the provision of certain air services between the UK and the EU”. This will allow UK carriers to fly across the EU, and also make stops within the EU, for both freight and passenger services. However, it does prohibit UK carriers flying directly between EU member states. For nine months, it will also recognise a number of aviation safety licenses.

The guidance paper also warned of the significant delays that would arise from a no deal Brexit, re-iterating the need for checks on UK livestock exports and the application of customs duties and taxes on goods moving between the UK and the EU.