Ekol acquires majority of Europa Multipurpose Terminals

Ekol Logistics has acquired 65% of Europa Multipurpose Terminals

Ekol Logistics has acquired 65% of Europa Multipurpose Terminals, the operator of the Pier Six terminal at the port that the company uses for its ro-ro and unit train services, located in Trieste, Italy.

The acquisition is an addition to the ro-ro terminal that Ekol built in Yalova, Turkey. The company plans to inaugurate the terminal in Yalova in early 2017.

According to Ekol, with the planned investments at the port in Trieste, two separate ro-ro vessels can be operated simultaneously, and intermodal train loading capacity will increase to 10 roundtrip services a day.

Currently providing services to Turkish and Greek destinations, Ekol plans to extend these services to countries such as Israel and Egypt from Trieste in the coming years. The company expects that the annual capacity of 110,000 units carried by ro-ro vessels and 70,000 units carried by trains in 2016 will rise to 140,000 and 100,000 units respectively in 2017.

Source: Ekol Logistics


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