eBay Fulfilment completes beta phase in Germany

eBay fulfilment beta phase

Nine months after launching, eBay has announced that its online marketplace has successfully completed the eBay fulfilment beta phase with plentymarkets in Germany. The multichannel logistics service, which is part of its global managed delivery initiative, is currently being used by more than 70 dealers. Additionally, more than 100 other dealers are in the onboarding phase.

“The fact that plentymarkets, as the exclusive technology partner, was able to launch eBay Fulfilment, makes us very proud,” said Jan Griesel, CEO of plentysystems AG.

In addition, more than 300 merchants are on the waiting list and will be included in the eBay fulfilment programme once more multichannel tools are connected. Currently, ERP provider JTL is in alpha testing with selected retailers. The launch of eBay Fulfilment with JTL is scheduled sometime in August 2019. eBay also intends to connect Afterbuy, Speed4Trade and Dreamrobot to eBay fulfilment by the end of 2019.

eBay Fulfilment provides dealers with fast delivery at reduced logistics costs. In addition, sellers benefit from better visibility of their offers, access to eBay Plus deals and seller protection. Currently international shipping is available to Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain. The company also has plans to expand the service to France and Spain in the near future.

Source: eBay