bpostgroup acquires 100% of Active Ants


bpostgroup now holds 100% of Active Ants’ stock (formerly 75%). This acquisition is in line with the strategic partnership the two companies signed in 2018. The mission remains the same: to support e-commerce activities by providing end-to-end solutions to online stores. ​

Since its establishment in the Netherlands in 2010, Active Ants has experienced strong growth and now has five sites in four countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom). The e-fulfilment centre in Willebroek, Belgium, was enlarged in April in response to the rising demand for logistics support from online stores. The company processes millions of orders for online stores in various sectors.

Active Ants directors Jeroen Dekker and Jean Lahaye are leaving the company but will continue to work to ensure a smooth transition. Bram Blondé takes up his role as CEO of Active Ants on August 21, 2023.

Jeroen Dekker and Jean Lahaye stated: “We are genuinely proud of the growth Active Ants has experienced. This innovative concept has become a real success story and, thanks to the partnership with bpostgroup, now markets unique services in multiple countries. Today marks the start of a new chapter. We have been working closely with the new CEO, Bram Blondé, for several months and we are have no doubt that Active Ants will continue to grow under his leadership.”

Source: bpost