DSV tests robot in pharma warehouse

DSV is testing cleaning robots in its pharma warehouse in Rosklide, Denmark.

The cleaning robot will be able to clean 8,000-10,000 sq m per day, with the robot running through the night, and when possible during the day. Besides relieving a manual process, the robot also uses less water and soap, lessening its environmental impact.

Jan Rudkjøbing, Manager, Warehouse Operations Roskilde, commented, “We already have several other robots, e.g. for packaging of the pharma products and wrapping robots used primarily for display co-packing. We generally try to automate processes where we can, so we can spend our time as efficiently as possible. When we automate documentation of the cleaning processes, we will have more time to focus on servicing our customers: handling their goods and performing value-added services.”

Source: DSV