DSV opens new facility in Turkey

DSV has announced that it has opened a new facility, located in Tulza, Istanbul. The facility is in close proximity to ports, airports, a good road network and has options for transport via rail.

The facility consolidates all warehouse operations in the area; a total of 45,000 sq m for open and closed warehousing including 2,000 sq m offices. The warehouse in Tuzla is a total of 6,000 sq m bonded warehousing area and will be utilised for many different industries including; automotive, FMCG, aerospace and fashion.

“With the new facility, we offer our customers one-stop-shopping. We can handle our customers’ goods for any transport mode, warehousing, and distribution – all from the same place”, said Metin Öz, Logistics Manager for DSV in Turkey.

Source: DSV