DSV announces new Lead Logistics service

DSV has formally announced the launch of its 4PL, Lead Logistics service which will offer a modular approach to logistics allowing the company to tailor logistics solutions to its customers’ needs. The new logistics service will utilise cloud-based technology in order to support; supply chain design, implementation, and management across all modes, geographies, and currencies.

“Our decision to launch this service is a direct result of feedback obtained through industry research, market growth analysis, and most importantly through direct feedback from our customers,” said Group Chief Commercial Officer of DSV Rene Falch Olesen.

DSV Lead Logistics acts as a non-asset based, neutral supply chain orchestrator of transportation services. The goal of the new service is to enable companies to compete more effectively in the global market through intelligent supply chain design and execution. As global logistics continue to become more complex, expensive, and time consuming, Lead Logistics is the next logical step for DSV in responding to customers’ needs.

Source: DSV