DPDgroup now owns 98% of Jadlog


In 2017, DPDgroup acquired 60% of Jadlog, one of Brazil’s main logistics operators in e-commerce. The company has since pursued its development in Brazil and now holds 98% of Jadlog’s capital. Alfonso Davo, the previous CEO and founder of Jadlog will remain a shareholder, having 2% of the shares in the company.

Over the past 4 years and with GeoPost/DPDgroup as a majority shareholder, Jadlog multiplied the volumes of deliveries by six times. At the national level, Jadlog operates through more than 500 franchisees supported by 17 branches spread across the country and serving more than 40,000 shipping customers.

In the e-commerce segment, Jadlog is committed to increasingly offer facilities to retailers and delivery options to end consumers, through major investments. In 2019, more than 1m orders were delivered through the Pickup network composed of more than 3,000 points spread throughout Brazil, this number should double in 2021.

The Jadlog network is connected to the international network of DPDgroup. This international network is a strong asset that gives Brazilian customers access to the global market. According to DPDgroup e-shopper barometer, cross-border purchases in Brazil are substantial since 58% of Brazilian regular e-shoppers have already bought online from foreign websites (80% from China and 42% from the USA).

In order to reflect this partnership and to conquer other markets, Jadlog adopted the DPDgroup branding with the red cube, from 2018.

Source: DPDgroup


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