DPD group acquires majority stake in Lenton


DPD has agreed to become a majority shareholder of Lenton, a parcel logistics international linehaul and gateways company allowing the DPD group to take a majority stake in the company. 

The agreement highlights a long-standing cooperation between both companies. In December 2009, the DPD group acquired a 25% stake in the capital of Lenton. In addition to the DPD group, since 2014 Japan Post has also been a Lenton Group shareholder. 

Paul-Marie Chavanne, President and CEO of DPD group said, “As a leader in the e-commerce sector, and last-mile distribution, especially throughout Europe, DPD group’s acquisition of the majority shareholding in Lenton will further accelerate the company’s development of innovative products and e-commerce solutions while strengthening the Group’s capabilities in the management of cross-border for our clients.” 

Ms Langslow will remain as CEO and managing partner of the Lenton Group to drive the company’s further development. 

Source: DPD