DPD Czech Republic opens its second Prague bike depot


DPD CZ has opened its second bike depot in Prague-Smíchov as part of a project between the City Hall of Prague and the “Technical Administration Office of Roads “. The company has been operating for over a year as part of a shared bike depot in Prague-Florenc, from where it has delivered over 38,000 parcels, which is more than half of the total volume of parcels at the depot, where other delivery companies also operate.

The new project in Smíchov location will thus become another place from where walking couriers and couriers on bikes will deliver packages with zero emissions, this time on the other side of the Vltava River.

According to preliminary estimates, the company plans that at the beginning of 2022, up to 6 walking couriers and 4 bike couriers could deliver from the Anděl microdepot. That would be about 3 times more than during 2021 in the first microdepot in Florenc location. Even before the official launch of the Andel bike depot, more than 1,300 parcels were delivered by 2 walking couriers from there as part of the pilot operation.

“We have previously committed to delivering only on a low-emission basis in Prague and Ostrava by 2025, and the bike depot at Andel is an integral part of this project.” explains Miloš Malaník, CEO of DPD Czech Republic.

DPD CZ expects to open a similar microdepot in other Czech cities in the near future, ideally again in cooperation with the local government. Likewise, its fleet of low-emission vehicles is said to be constantly growing, with DPD stating that some vehicles are now measuring the amount of dust particles in the air during their travels in the capital. DPD hopes that every Prague citizen will soon be able to check the air quality in the neighbourhood from the company’s web application.

Source: DPD


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