Dimerco to aid customer in establishing a new manufacturing base in Malaysia

Dimerco Value Plus System

Taiwan-based Dimerco is helping a customer to establish a new manufacturing facility in Malaysia to ease potential trade issues as tensions rise between China-US and enable its customer to import equipment, raw materials and produce finished goods for export directly to the US.

Dimerco planned and managed the 6-day logistics process to ship the first 122 steel coils weighing over 3,000 metric tonnes from port to warehouse, including storage, sample cutting, re-wrapping and packing, as well as handling customs clearance and distribution to the consignee.

Since the first shipment in March of this year, Dimerco has shipped nearly 10,000 metric tonnes of steel coils, with more scheduled. It secured a further contract with this customer in a second factory built in May.

Dimerco has said it previously shipped heavy production equipment for the same customer from Suzhou in China to Malaysia. But considering the China-US tariff stand-off, the customer has decided to build a new factory in Malaysia and also ship raw material from South Korea/Taiwan to Malaysia via ocean freight, with Dimerco handling all operations from the destination port.

“Our experience and deep market knowledge in this region enabled us to provide a comprehensive and seamless service to our customer who is operating in an unfamiliar market to them. We transferred the cargo to a warehouse in the Free Zone Authority and worked through the night to achieve a rapid transit time, as well as liaising with trusted partners on utilising specialist equipment required to handle the heavy freight and dispatching local transportation with low-bed trailers” said a Dimerco spokesperson.

Source: Dimerco