DHL Supply Chain establishes new distribution centre in Guarulhos

DHL Supply Chain consolidated the logistics operations of three Sanofi divisions in Brazil by establishing a new distribution centre in Guarulhos, near São Paulo. The project, initiated by Sanofi in 2014, covers all portfolios of Sanofi, Sanofi Pasteur and Medley Brazil.

The development of the new site means investments of €200m between 2015 and 2020. This is the largest distribution centre operated by DHL in Brazil for the healthcare sector.

Guarulhos was chosen due to its proximity to Sanofi’s industrial plants, consumer centres and main logistical hubs of the country, such as the Port of Santos. The facility has 36,000 sq m of air-conditioned storage area and almost 50,000 pallet positions.

Javier Bilbao, CEO of DHL Supply Chain Brazil, said, “The objective of this project was to simplify and enhance Sanofi’s storage operations and distribution network in Brazil. Consolidating these operations into a single distribution centre has enabled us to foster synergies and streamline the entire process”.

The technologies and practices applied in the distribution and storage of pharmaceuticals at the Guarulhos’s distribution centre have reportedly already decreased operating costs by 30%. Sanofi’s order software, which adjusts and distributes the orders in closed boxes to their end customers, is reported to have reduced the amount of packaging damage incidents by 35%.

Source: DPDHL