DHL plans to invest in quality improvements in Germany

DHL is planning to invest €150m in additional personnel, automation, and the further expansion of its mail and parcel network.

In terms of human resources; DHL plans to add 5,000 jobs in mail and parcel with the goal of improving the quality of service for last mile. It is hoped more employees will improve the ability to respond to volume spikes. It can also further reduce delivery delays, e.g. due to volume-related service interruptions. DHL’s long-term plan is to train and hire around 450 own truck drivers as a response to the driver shortages affecting the transport industry.

Investment in automation is another factor in DHL’s improvements for 2019. In Germany, DHL is currently in the process of acquiring additional new sequence sorting machines designed to pre-sort shipments in mail centres in the most efficient delivery order, therefore lightening the workload for delivery personnel and reducing errors. In addition, Deutsche Post is installing new reading technology in all parcel centres so that shipment codes on parcel labels can be read faster and more reliably. This technology enables more efficient processing in the parcel centre and avoids shipment delays.

DHL also plans to deploy additional 6,000 StreetScooter electric vehicles in 2019 for its delivery operations in Germany, adding to more than 9,000 StreetScooters already in operation.

Further expansion of the mail and parcel network is the final aspect of the 2019 improvement plan. Deutsche Post plans to add another 500 partner outlets and DHL Parcelshops, as well as 1,000 additional Packstations across Germany to further improve service for its customers. In addition, Deutsche Post is testing self-service machines and drive-thru counters for posting and pick-up, one of which is currently being tested in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. It also plans to offer customers the option of picking up their parcels in DHL Parcelshops, as well as new options for shipment tracking, such as proof of delivery for business customers for all merchandise shipments.

The DHL Group is also planning to invest in its postal infrastructure, primarily in rural areas. This year it will also open a new mega parcel centre in Bochum, Germany with a sorting capacity of 50,000 shipments per hour. The new sorting centre will create 600 new jobs.

Frank Appel, Chief Executive Officer, said, “These measures ensure that we remain quality leader and provider of choice for our customers in a very competitive market.”

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group