DHL makes LTL deliveries easier to plan and manage

DHL Freight has offered customers throughout Europe an additional Fixed Delivery Day service for its standard product Freight EuroConnect. The new service allows customers to hand over their shipment to the DHL Freight network as usual and schedule the delivery up to five business days beyond the regular lead time.

Uwe Brinks, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Freight commented: “Timing is everything when it comes to planning and managing supply chains and production process. This way our customers receive their shipments exactly when needed.”

When ordering the Freight EuroConnect service, customers simply select the Fixed Delivery Day service as an additional option. After the shipment is picked up at the customer’s production or storage facility, it is stored up to five business days within the DHL Freight network so that it can be delivered on time on the specified delivery day. In Germany and Sweden, customers with domestic shipments can also specify the time of delivery (delivery before 10:00 or before midnight).

With the new service, DHL Freight makes it easier for customers to plan their production processes, offering the kind of reliability and predictability that is critical to inventory/production strategies such as just in sequence.

“This addition to our product portfolio is one more part of our Freight 2020 strategy, which aims at even better service quality for our customers,” said Brinks.

Source: DHL Group