DHL Global Forwarding launches new visibility tool

DHL Global Forwarding has launched Ocean View, an online platform that allows shippers to track their ocean freight shipments.The platform is available to all DHL Global Forwarding customers.

Ocean View consolidates information from DHL’s Transportation Management System, the ocean carrier and the vessel itself for real-time visibility of the ocean transport. It also provides a forecast on future milestones as well as a notification feature in case of route changes or delays. Also, Ocean View does not require the installation of any devices on the container.

“A survey recently conducted by our Global Forwarding team confirmed again that low visibility and transparency is a major issue for customers using door-to-door ocean transport. With Ocean View we created a user-friendly application increasing visibility and thereby improving the control of the overall supply chain for our customers,” stated Andreas Bödeker, Global Head of Ocean Freight at DHL Global Forwarding.

Ocean View provides end-to-end near real-time shipment status including hourly updates on the shipment’s location at sea. Its user interface gives an iconized overview of all shipments and milestones with the option of viewing detailed shipment milestones during transit and activating a preference based alert function. Additionally, the tool is able to forecast the freights’ journey enabling proactive solutions and scheduling.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group

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