DHL extends parcel network across the Nordics and Baltics

DHL, the Finnish postal operator Posti and Bring, a subsidiary of Norwegian postal operator Posten Norge, have announced plans to jointly offer a dedicated B2C infrastructure for parcel deliveries across Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltic states. The non-exclusive cooperation is due to come into effect on April 1st further and extend DHL Parcel’s network for cross-border e-commerce by seven countries. According to the announcement, this expansion is in line with DHL’s strategy to develop the e-commerce market in Europe and to offer its customers a well-developed infrastructure. In two years, DHL Parcel has increased its network footprint to now 16 European e-commerce markets.

Jürgen Gerdes, CEO Post – eCommerce – Parcel at Deutsche Post DHL Group, said, “Many of our customers today already ship items to the countries in northern Europe. Together with our local partners, we want to help them grow their business and develop the e-commerce market in these countries as best as possible.” Gerdes added, “At the outset we will offer the 22 million online shoppers in northern Europe convenient access to the largest parcel shop network in this area.”

By means of the cooperation with the partners, DHL Parcel has announced it is aiming to exploit the existing cross-border online shopping trend in northern Europe as well as the e-commerce potential in general. According to a recent EU Commission report, more than 56 percent of all inhabitants have ordered something at least once in a non-domestic online shop.

The delivery network in Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltics is expected to be the largest operated in these markets and is due to include 6,500 parcel shops and parcel stations by the end of 2016. Unlike in other European markets, it is not common for parcels to be delivered to the customers’ doorstep in these countries.

Within the framework of the agreement, DHL Parcel and the partners defined DHL Parcel Connect as the service standard for B2C cross-border shipments.

In addition to the new service standard and Saturday delivery, the partners expect to establish a system that notifies recipients about the likely arrival time of their desired item. There will also expected to be customer friendly return solutions across all European markets DHL Parcel operates in, regardless of whether the parcel is sent from Poland, Belgium or Sweden, for example.

After adding the Benelux countries, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Sweden, France and now Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, DHL Parcel is present in 16 European countries including their home market Germany.

Source: DHL Parcel


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