DHL expands European parcel network to include Hungary and Slovenia

DHL Parcel Europe, the Slovenian Pošta Slovenije and the Hungarian Magyar Posta are co-operating in order to now provide a common business-to-consumer infrastructure for parcel delivery in a growing number of European countries. Launched in September the partnership extends DHL Parcel Europe’s network for cross-border e-commerce by two additional countries.

“After having established ourselves successfully within one year in the Austrian parcel market, the expansion of our network to the economically closely related countries Hungary and Slovenia was natural. Together with our local partners, we also want to support online traders with their business in these markets. At the same time we offer our customers in the rest of Europe an attractive opportunity to offer their products across borders in an increasing number of markets”, explains Achim Dünnwald, CEO of DHL Parcel Europe.

For the co-operation, DHL Parcel Connect has been defined as a service standard for cross-border B2C deliveries. In addition to the new standard service and Saturday delivery, Pošta Slovenije and Magyar Posta will be introducing a service informing recipients of their orders’ expected delivery time and date, and a returns solution.

“Reliable and flexible logistics is an essential prerequisite for successful online trading”, adds Achim Dünnwald. “Together with our partners we now provide the necessary infrastructure and the right services in Hungary and Slovenia. With the extended network and our high service standards we are laying the foundations for a genuine European e-commerce landscape.”

DHL Parcel Europe’s network now covers eighteen countries, having launched two years ago.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group