DB Schenker launches China shuttle to deliver medical supplies

DB Schenker and Lufthansa Cargo have launched a regular CO2-neutral freight connection from Europe to China.

DB Schenker has set up a new daily air cargo connection between Shanghai and Munich using three converted Boeing 767 passenger aircraft from Icelandair. The first flights of the China Shuttle have already transported tonnes of medical equipment to Europe.

The China Shuttle is aimed specifically at customers who import medical equipment such as masks or protective suits from China to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Bookings for several thousand cubic metres of freight have already been received. The lead time to delivery at the destination is five to seven days. Initially, 45 shuttle flights are planned from Shanghai Pudong to Munich in 12 rotations per week once fully operational. An expansion of the shuttle and further connections, including twice a week to Chicago, are in preparation.

The cooperation partner Icelandair has converted the three passenger aircraft for DB Schenker by removing the passenger seats. This will create more than 200 cu m of cargo space in the belly and on the passenger deck. In addition, as part of the cooperation, a DB Schenker logo has been placed on the outer hull of the three Boeing 767. This is the first time the DB Schenker logo is presented on an aircraft.

Source: DB Schenker