Damco and Bettenwelt sign exclusive agreement between Asia, Germany and Spain

Damco and Bettenwelt, a home furnishings retailer in Europe and part of the JYSK Group, announced the two companies have signed a partnership agreement which confirms Damco as Bettenwelt’s sole inbound logistics partner for shipments from Asia to Germany and Spain. According to the announcement, the new five-year agreement is an extension of an ongoing partnership between the two companies and affirms the commitment between the companies to invest in a long term partnership. Under the terms of the agreement Damco is expected to provide end-to-end logistics services for all Bettenwelt inbound flows.

Under the existing agreement which has been in place since 2013, Damco has managed Bettenwelt’s inbound flows from Asia into Germany and Spain.

Mads Drejer, Chief Commercial Officer, Damco Nordics, said of the announcement, “We believe that Bettenwelt’s strategic and long term view on their supply chain priorities fits very well with what Damco does best. Partnering with some of the world’s largest and most successful retailers over the past years gives us confidence that we can assist Bettenwelt in fulfilling their strategic objectives in the years to come.”

The new contract is expected to include integrated supply chain management solutions at origins and destinations and process improvement initiatives supported by key account management.

Source: Damco