Dachser revenue up to €5.6bn

Dachser Sweden

Dachser has released 2018 financial data showing a total revenue increase of 5.5% year-on-year from €5.28bn to €5.57bn. This has been attributed to the rise in shipment and tonnage volumes, an increase of 2.5% on last year to 83.7m and a 3% increase to 41.3m tonnes, respectively.

It reported a 6.1% increase in its gross revenue, increasing to €6.49bn.

Dachser’s Road Logistics business which comprises the transport and storage of industrial goods (European Logistics) and food (Food Logistics) reported a total increase in revenue of 6.6% but each segment performed well.

European Logistics showed growth of 7% to €3.55bn. Shipments and tonnage each increased by 3.1%.

Food Logistics posted an increase of 5.3% to €917m. The number of shipments was unchanged from 2017 but tonnage increased by 2%. The development of its contract logistics business and growing national transport services has been linked to this positive expansion.

Dachser said that its Air & Sea Logistics business proved volatile once again, with revenue falling by 0.4% year-on-year. This was as a result of exchange-rate effects, decreasing freight rates, and a downturn in volume on the China-Europe route. Consolidated net revenue stagnated at around €1.19bn. A 2.9% decrease in the number of shipments was offset by tonnage growth—most notably in sea freight—of 6.6%.

Source: Dachser