Singapore 2015

The Future of Logistics, Singapore, 13th-14th October 2015

Venue: The Grand Hyatt Hotel,10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211 Conference partners Agility and oTMS. Click here to download a copy of the 2015 Future of Logistics conference programme The pace and size of change in the global logistics industry will leave no supply chain organisation untouched. Disruptive technologies are already transforming working practices in the transport and logistics sector – and in the next ten years they have the capacity to bring about systemic changes in the structure of the industry itself. Not only will the industry become more efficient, but relationships between customers such as manufacturers and retailers and logistics service providers will undergo root and branch change. The incumbent market leaders will have to adapt and adopt the new technologies and operating models if they are to survive and prosper. New market entrants will offer alternative distribution systems which leapfrog out-dated legacy operations and technologies. For this reason, Ti’s latest supply chain and logistics event, The Future of Logistics will be focusing on the opportunities and challenges which the new environment presents to all players in the industry. The content rich forum will bring together Ti’s own expert analysts with industry professionals and leading disruptive technology companies. The conference addressed key questions such as:

  • How will crowd-sharing impact the last mile delivery market?
  • What are the opportunities for robotics and automation in the warehouse?
  • What is the Internet of Things and why will it transform supply chain visibility and decision-making?
  • What are the applications for wearable technology such as Google Glasses in the logistics sector?
  • How can new technologies underpin supply chains in emerging markets, especially in the development of mega-cities?

According to Professor John Manners-Bell, Ti’s CEO, innovation and disruptive technology will have a fundamental influence on the future of global logistics. ‘Existing logistics models are just not efficient,’ he said. ‘Logistics companies run with empty vehicles, retailers struggle with overly complex supply chains and the challenge of e-retail, and manufacturers are continuously faced by lack of visibility and poor forecasts. Something has to change. Our conference will address how supply chain innovations will bring about new business models underpinned by exciting new technologies.’   

A Ti conference provides delegates the chance to participate in high level, thought provoking discussions on the most transformative subjects in the logistics industry.

  • Offers a unique insight into logistics in emerging markets and provides delegates with in depth knowledge developments in these markets
  • Delegates attending have the opportunity to make direct contact with industry experts and discuss their own business’ experience and compare to market trends

Who attended: senior level professionals across the industry including logistics providers, shippers, government supporting organisations, high tech experts, economists, property developers, consultants and investors.



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