CMA CGM is ordering 50,000 container trackers

CMA CGM+ services

CMA CGM has announced it has ordered trackers from Traxens, a Marseilles-based start-up, to increase its number of connected containers.

CMA CGM is deploying the Traxens solution on a large scale to optimise the supply chain. The tracker will be attached to the container and will monitor:

  • the container’s position, both at sea and on land
  • the intensity of any shocks that may occur
  • the opening and closing of the doors
  • external temperature variations

The near real-time alert system allows customers that opt for the Traxens solution to efficiently monitor their goods, and thus be more informed at every stage of the shipping process.

Along with data that is being transmitted 24/7, customers can benefit from a personalised diagnosis of its supply chain. Customers who choose the Traxens solution can thus identify any logistical problems and implement solutions.

Source: CMA CGM