Chronopost invests €20m in its Chronopost Healthcare division

Chronopost has invested €20m to set up a nationwide infrastructure and transport network dedicated to healthcare as it plans to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical and medical biology industries looking for reliable and affordable temperature-controlled transport solutions. €10m was spent on transport; a further €10m was spent on infrastructure and metrology, an essential tool for monitoring temperatures. New staff has also been hired.

Chronopost Healthcare has developed its capacities in the temperature-controlled market by transforming its model in response to the pharmaceutical industry’s rapidly growing need for temperature-controlled transport, particularly due to the rapid increase in the proportion of heat-sensitive medicines (+17% between 2015 and 2019) – for example certain cancer treatments – and to more stringent regulations. Additionally, more than 10m doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered by the Healthcare Division. According to the company, nearly 25m healthcare parcels were handled by Chronopost Healthcare each year, 20% of which are temperature-controlled.

Thanks to the investment, its nationwide infrastructure and transport network dedicated to healthcare consists of:

  • two hubs already in service with facilities dedicated to healthcare (Orléans, Aulnay-sous-Bois), and two hubs entirely dedicated to healthcare which will open in a few months (one near Paris, the other near Lyon);
  • 500 temperature-controlled vehicles and 1,500 refrigerated containers that can be loaded onto trucks, making it possible to carry out 2,000 daily rounds as well as long-distance inter-regional routes;
  • 72 Chronopost sites equipped with the latest generation of cold rooms dedicated to healthcare products and guaranteeing several temperature ranges (-20°C; +2°/+8°C; +15°/+25°C);
  • 1 COFRAC-certified metrology laboratory located in Aulnay-sous-Bois (two other laboratories are being built). These laboratories manage the calibration of all our probes, including checking that the temperatures they measure are accurate. They also map the installations (cold rooms, vehicles, etc.) to ensure that, for a given temperature set point, the values measured comply with the thresholds set by the customer at any point in the installation.

According to the company, pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals (pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, wholesaler-distributors), who previously used Chronopost mainly for ambient temperature shipments (medicines, medical equipment), will now be able to use the same contact person to ship high-volume temperature-controlled products nationwide. The company believes that this service will also benefit medical biology professionals (laboratories), who previously used the services of Biologistic (acquired by Chronopost in 2016) for dedicated rounds, with no volume limit.

Frédéric Bernard, Director of Chronopost Healthcare, explains: “We can now handle all healthcare parcel shipments, including temperature-controlled shipments, with no volume limit throughout metropolitan France and at an affordable price thanks to the economies of scale achieved with Chronopost’s powerful transport network.”

Source: DPDgroup


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