CEVA secures FTL and recycling contract in Turkey with Akgida

CEVA has signed a new contract with Akgıda to continue the transportation of its dairy products across Turkey. Akgida is part of the Lactalis Group, Europe’s largest producer of dairy products and first started its relationship with CEVA in 2011.

For the last six years CEVA has been responsible for FTL (full truck load) transportation services across Turkey from Akgida’s Luleburgaz facility north west of Istanbul and Karaman in the south of the country to sites all over Turkey, both distributors and supermarket chains.

CEVA is now also in control of ground transportation services to and from Akgida’s Sakarya production plant and for the recycling of plastic crates used in the delivery of milk and milk products to major supermarket chains across Turkey.

To date, the contract has involved some 13,000 trips using temperature controlled trucks and covered in excess of 16m km. The new additional business is expected to increase the distance covered by some 1.8 m km.

Source: Transport Intelligence