CEVA Logistics opens office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


CEVA Logistics has opened its own office in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh as a part of its strategic expansion in the South East Asia markets.

CEVA has already been operational in Cambodia for six years through a partner, but it has now assumed responsibility for all its network operations and financial services and opened its own facility. CEVA offers services such as multi-modal, land transport, sea-air and export processing zones and container freight station facilities.

Cambodia has two major seaports and three international airports, with a 4th airport project planned in 2019. There is rapid development in the garment and footwear sector (accounting for around 70% of exports) as well as tourism, telecommunications and developing verticals like assembly and electronic manufacturing, in part driven by relocation of sourcing and factories from China.

CEVA’s operations in the emerging South East Asia markets span across four countries, including Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Laos. According to CEVA, rapidly emerging countries present considerable potential with accelerated market growth thanks to the low production costs and abundant manpower, combined with the trade liberalisation.

 “With our newly opened office, CEVA is well positioned to provide robust logistics solutions that will facilitate rapid business development for our clients and contribute to the development of the logistics sector in the country,” says Russell Pang – Managing Director, Emerging Markets, CEVA Logistics South East Asia Cluster.

Source: CEVA Logistics