CEVA expands relationship with Mercedes-Benz in Spain

CEVA Logistics has expanded its relationship with Mercedes-Benz at the automotive manufacturer’s facility in Vitoria, Spain. Mercedes-Benz has been working with CEVA in Iberia since 2012, alongside a number of other European countries including Italy, Germany and UK, as well as Mexico and Australia.

CEVA’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz at the Vitoria production centre was confirmed in February 2016, after the logistics provider won a competitive tender. The contract hand CEVA responsibility for providing logistics services to supply production lines with the individual parts required to assemble each vehicle. Following an additional tender process this autumn, CEVA has now added a range of new secondary flow supply services to the production lines.

Marco Galbusera, Managing Director of CEVA in Iberia, stated, “It’s a great honour that Mercedes-Benz has affirmed their trust in CEVA through the addition of these new services. During our four-year collaboration in Iberia we have been able to offer them a consistently high standard of service in line with the solutions we offer in other locations. This new contract further enhances our relationship as their logistics partner of choice, and highlights the customer’s satisfaction with performance at its production centre at Vitoria.”

Source: CEVA Logistics