Cathay Pacific introduces a new Terminal Charge concession in Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific

The Cathay Pacific Group has announced that it is introducing a new Terminal Charge (TC) concession, effective from 1 April 2020, in Hong Kong International Airport.

Customers with export shipments from Hong Kong shipped on the Group’s four airlines – Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, AHK Air Hong Kong and HK Express – will save HK*$0.3 per kg for both general cargo and special cargo. The concession is partially contributed by the Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK).

The concession is applicable to export shipments from Hong Kong shipped using CX (160), KA (043), and UO (128) MAWBs uplifted on CX/KA/UO/LD aircraft.

The concession does not apply to shipments of other airlines on the Group’s four airlines, export cargo that is not subject to the standard TC, and export cargo delivered directly by shippers and non-CX agents to our Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal (CPCT) counter, for example walk-in customers.

The cargo forwarder is required to input the original Terminal Charge on the MAWB; thereafter, the TC concession amount will be refunded the following month.

Source: Cathay Pacific Group

* € = HK8.49 /$= HK7.77


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