Case Study

Risk Monitoring


Ti has developed a suite of bespoke Market Risk Monitoring reports that provide clients with insight into key trends and developments that could impact their logistics operations and possibly cause disruptions to their supply chains. 

The objective of the Market Risk Monitoring reports are to provide clients with tailored intelligence identifying up-to-date developments and key issues taking place within the European transport sector.  This allows management to make any network changes needed to ensure that their logistics operations are as robust as possible, minimising any potential interruption product flows. 


Ti utilises a mix of its own, proprietary, databases as well as other reliable and trustworthy external sources that are interrogated on a regular basis and fed into the Market Risk Monitor on either a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Clients can tailor the aspects of the economy, infrastructure, logistics market, etc., to track that they feel most relevant to their own needs (see below).  The allows them to identify potential issues as early as possible so that contingency plans can be implemented and any disruptions to operations minimised.