Case Study

Ti Consulting: Feasibility Study Exploring the Potential to London City Consumers via the River Thames

Brexit contingency plans helped some companies and sectors fall on their feet when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, even though the government struggled.

The Brief

The Client, an independent fund manager investing in European infrastructure assets, asked Ti to assess the feasibility of using the river Thames as a corridor to transport freight from out-of-town consolidation centres into the centre of the City of London.

Ti developed a model to assess the likely size of cargo volumes (including e-commerce parcels) that could realistically be delivered, via this mode, to those consumers within a ‘deliverable’ distance from existing wharves and also the likely corresponding ‘vehicle

journeys’ that could be reduced from a possible switch. Ti also identified and reviewed the use of other river freight operations in Europe, particularly in France and Germany, and investigated whether any lessons could be learnt from any of these.

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