Carlsberg to hand over UK distribution services to DHL Tradeteam

Carlsberg UK announced that it would transfer its drinks distribution operations (porterage services) to DHL Tradeteam over the course of 2017 and 2018. The move followed a review of Carlsberg’s supply chain.

As Carlsberg not only distributes its own beverages but those of numerous other companies, its existing contracts with other drinks suppliers would be honoured until expiry, and then put out to tender.

“The review and subsequent proposal have been given the considerable time and care they warrant,” said Julian Momen, CEO, Carlsberg UK. “Our intention to outsource our secondary logistics to a specialist logistics provider in DHL Tradeteam is taken with a long-term view of the market to ensure a sustainable solution in terms of service and cost for our business and our customers.”

A DHL Supply Chain spokesperson said: “We are delighted that Carlsberg UK is proposing to outsource certain parts of its distribution requirements in the UK to DHL Tradeteam. We look forward to providing Carlsberg UK’s consumers and customers with an excellent service in the coming years.”

Integration is expected to be completed by March 2018.

Source: Carlsberg UK