C.H. Robinson opens second US air freight screening facility

C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson announced that the company has opened a new certified cargo screening facility (CCSF) in the US at Carson in California. This is the second CCSF facility operated by C.H. Robinson in the US, the first being Chicago which was opened on April 18, 2012.

The facility includes approximately 20,000 sq ft of warehouse space, screening machines, and a dedicated air freight team to screen air freight that moves through the facility. The facility is tied directly to the company’s technology platform, Navisphere, which is planned to allowing customers to track their freight before, during, and after the CCSF.

Tim Reiff, general manager, North America air freight, said, “We’re excited about the new screening facility. Rather than relying on a third party to perform the required screenings on their schedule, now we can assure our customers that our trained experts are reviewing their shipments.” He added, “The facility also features convenient airfreight doors that speed up the process. Once cargo is screened, it can be quickly transferred to or from the airlines.”