Coming Soon: Global Warehousing & Logistics Networks 2016

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Ti’s new report Global Warehousing & Logistics Networks 2016 will examine the shifting landscape of supply chain real estate and the changing patterns of distribution on a global basis.

Throughout the logistics industry, economic pressures, the rise of the global middle class, the increasing importance of emerging markets as both manufacturing locations and end markets, as well as the growth of e-commerce, are fundamentally changing the shape and character of logistics networks. As a result, logistics service providers and the retailers and manufacturers they support must reassess not only how to best design their logistics facilities to meet requirements, but also where to position network locations to meet demand and commercial imperatives.

Global Warehousing & Logistics Networks 2016 explores the key issues within this continuously evolving supply chain debate from global and regional perspectives.  



The report will be available to buy at the beginning of September, to register your interest in the report please enter your details below. You will then be on the priority list for the report and offered a special 20% discount.

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