Ti Insight publish new Global Pharmaceutical Logistics report 2023

The Ti Global Pharmaceutical Logistics Report 2023 provides:

  • Global pharmaceutical logistics market sizing and analysis
  • An overview of top trends in the pharmaceutical market
  • Top 10 pharmaceutical company revenues 2018-2023
  • Case studies of pharmaceutical companies
  • An overview of pharmaceutical logistics service providers

What are the major factors affecting the global pharmaceutical logistics industry in 2023 and beyond?

  • Pharmaceutical supply chain models are evolving, due to many factors including new manufacturing techniques and the primacy of customized, specific treatments at a ‘Batch Size 1’ patient level.
  • Changes are being forced upon the sector by a better understanding of the risks associated with global supply chains which have been pushed up the corporate agenda by the Covid-19 crisis and political tensions between the West and Russia and China.
  • ‘Big pharma’ companies have turned their attention to newer drugs, known as ‘biologics’ or ‘biopharmaceuticals’ which, due to their sophisticated and high value nature, have the potential for much higher profit margins than OTC drugs.
  • The global pharmaceutical market is still dominated on a regional level by North America, thanks to a strong US market with high levels of R&D spending and production.

The report contains data taken from our online data platform GSCi where you can find more detail about the global pharmaceutical logistics market.

For more information on the report please visit: www.ti-insight.com/product/global-pharmaceutical-logistics

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