bpost to launch sustainable packaging pilot with Hipli


bpost has announced it has launched a sustainable packaging pilot project with Hipli. The French company’s reusable mailing bags will be used to ship Torfs, A.S.Adventure and Juttu orders to customers. After delivery, the empty bags can be placed into a bpost red mailbox for cleaning and reuse in the e-commerce circuit.

Hipli’s environmentally responsible reusable bags will be used to ship orders to Torfs customers between 29 June and 29 September. The pilot will then be extended to A.S.Adventure  and Juttu customers in August. 

A lifecycle analysis by Hipli shows that using reusable bags reduces the carbon footprint of every shipment by 83% compared with cardboard packaging. According to bpost, the packaging is water-tight, tear-proof, and can be reused up to a hundred times.  Torfs expects to ship around 4,000 customer orders in reusable bags during the three-month pilot project. A.S.Adventure has committed to 2,000 responsible shipments. 

Source: bpost