Bolloré opens new warehouse in Senegal

Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics has inaugurated a new 2,650 sq m warehouse in Potou, Senegal. Located near the port of Dakar, it is seen by the company as a strategic site allowing maximum exploitation thanks to its innovative construction.

​​The building has a self-supporting structure and the warehouse shelves act as a framework and support the walls and roof. This construction optimises storage space, since there are no poles inside, maximising the capacity to 3,700 pallets.

The work, which lasted just over a year, was carried out by a local company. The building is equipped with platform levellers, automatic doors, washable floor paint and automatic smoke extraction doors. Bolloré claims that it stands out in comparison to other warehouse services offered in the region which sometimes do not meet standards.

Source: Bolloré Logistics