Bolloré Logistics Zambia wins value-added warehousing logistics contract for Unilever

Bolloré Logistics Zambia has been awarded a two-year renewable contract for value-added warehousing logistics by Unilever Zambia.

Operations have already begun at the dedicated 2,000 sq m warehouse, which has capacity for around 1,600 pallets. The warehouse is managed by Bolloré’s own warehouse management system.

The project is expected to enable Bolloré Logistics Zambia to strengthen its Supply Chain management capacity, notably through an improvement in order preparation productivity, while the provision of activity reports is expected to enable Unilever to optimise its restocking process.

Olivier Terra, General Manager of Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Zambia, explained, “We aim to support our customers through a continuous improvement approach that will benefit the performance of both parties, alongside a well-established two-way feedback process. We remain focused on our performance indicators and are always looking to refine our working methods to move ever closer to achieving operational excellence.”

Source: Bolloré


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