Bolloré Logistics Senegal signs new contract for product distribution with Canal+

Bolloré Transport & Logistics and supply chain services company Czarnikow are collaborating to support Bolloré’s sustainable development in East Africa through the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme.

Bolloré Logistics Senegal has signed a new contract for product distribution with Canal+. According to the contact, Bolloré will provide supply chain distribution activities and value-added warehousing services for Canal+.

Canal+ products are distributed from Dakar to 11 regional cities and 150 points of sale.

The services provided include receipt on pallets, storage and kitting, primarily for decoders and satellite dishes.

In addition to this, Bolloré Logistics Senegal provides Canal+ with a dedicated warehouse of 500 sq m, equipped with four-level racks. The warehouse utilises a Speed Warehouse Management System (WMS), which allows for tracking of stock record updates with real-time recording of all movements. The system also analyses flow changes by following order picking operations managed by a team of handling assistants and agents.

The logistics services are supplemented by the distribution of merchandise which is carried out according to the instructions and planning agreed upon with the customer.

The Supply Chain department relies on a network of subcontractors who manage distribution using a fleet of four closed and secured vehicles assigned to the interurban traffic, which already records an average of 5,000 kits delivered per month.

According to Bolloré Logistics, this new contract is expected to lead to better visibility for logistics services offered by Bolloré Logistics Senegal with the various Canal+ subscribers in the axes of Dakar and its suburb Rufisque, as well those in the North, Southeast and Centre.

Source: Bolloré Logistics