Bolloré Logistics continues its development in the Normandy region

Bolloré Logistics

On Dec 6, 2022, Bolloré Logistics inaugurated its new building with more than 2,500 sq m of surface area in the Rouen Petit-Couronne commune in the Madrillet area. This maritime agency now brings together 250 employees who were previously spread across two sites.

The new offices are strategically located with immediate access to the Le Havre – Rouen – Paris route along the Seine. They are also close to the company’s logistics warehouses in the RVSL (Rouen Vallée de Seine Logistique) port area.

Bolloré Logistics is reinforcing its presence in the Normandy region and underscoring its determination to support its local customers, including small and mid-sized companies and major groups, in their international expansion.

“These new offices pave the way for a new era for our Rouen teams. These facilities strengthen the feeling of belonging to our regional location. This is supported by workspaces that promote well-being and collaboration with our customers and partners through spaces dedicated to co-construction,” says Guillaume Landerneau, Agency Director of Bolloré Logistics Petit-Couronne.

The new property in the Madrillet area is a modern and innovative building and is also an integral part of Bolloré Logistics’ CSR policy aimed at shrinking the company’s carbon footprint while fostering employee well-being. Fully in line with the strategy of the Rouen Normandie Metropolis, these premises also join the list of the company’s Biodivercity labelled buildings.

Source: Bolloré Logistics