BMW extends Rhenus contract at Cuxport


BMW has extended its contract with Rhenus at the northern German port of Cuxport. Rhenus processes finished vehicles exports destined for the UK and Scandinavia.

BMW’s vehicles are made at sites in eastern and southern Germany, as well as in Austria under contract with Magna Steyr, and then moved to the port by rail. Short-sea European ro-ro operators UECC and DFDS then move the vehicles to the UK via the port of Immingham, while K Line European Sea Highway Services (KESS) vehicles to Scandinavia.

Cuxport is one of Europe’s key transhipment ports for finished vehicles and is set to open a new berth to handle more volumes. Rhenus said the port transhipped approximately 480,000 new vehicles in 2017. It also serves as the hub for the onward transport of vehicles to Denmark by truck.

Source: Automotive Logistics