BLG Logistics’ forwarding business segment now named BLG International Forwarding

BLG Group has merged the companies acquired in recent months, INFORTRA GmbH International Forwarding & Transport, Logfortra GmbH Logistic, Forwarding & Transport, Arno Rosenlöcher, and Kitzinger & Co., into a single unit. The new unit operates under the name BLG International Forwarding GmbH & Co. KG.

The forwarding office of BLG Cargo Logistics GmbH remains unaffected by the change.

BLG has established its forwarding business segment as the third pillar of its Contract Logistics Division, alongside industrial and retail logistics. Since May 2017, after the acquisition of the two companies Arno Rosenlöcher and Kitzinger & Co., the network has consisted of 13 regional branches all over Germany.

Source: BLG Group