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Recent briefs by Marta:

California and Europe work in tandem to reach net-zero

California and Europe will work together towards more sustainable regulation and greater use of new technologies. California recently announced its Advanced Clean Cars II plans to phase out sales of gasoline-powers automobiles by 2035. The regulation lays out a step-by-step plan to ensure that all new cars and light trucks sold in California by 2035 …

Challenges of reducing Carbon Emissions in the transportation industry

The climate crisis is one of the most urgent problems we face today. Even under current policies, temperatures are expected to increase even further than the 1℃ increase since the pre-industrial period.  Why do we need to reduce carbon emissions? Carbon emissions remain in the atmosphere for 100 years, and up to 80% of these …

EU is deliberating on the Fit for 55 package

Due to sustainability regulations emerging on multiple fronts and with increased frequency, recent years have seen a rapidly growing number of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The European Commission’s Fit for 55 package is the latest ambitious set of measures proposed which is expected to impact the transport sector significantly. Announced in July 2021, …