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Recent briefs by John:

US ban on advanced tech exports to China starts to bite

Political risk is a new factor which global high-tech manufacturers have to take into account when structuring their supply chains. For advanced sectors of the industry, legislation passed in the US and other Western markets has led to a ban on investment in China, the export of advanced technologies and services to China as well as the use of Chinese made electronic components in Western infrastructure.

EU’s controversial carbon tax

Professor John Manners-Bell discusses the EU’s controversial carbon tax, and how it’s likely to impact trade. The EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) which is due to come into force in 2023 has split world opinion. Many see it as a necessary way to meet the region’s climate goals, whilst others, particularly in Emerging Markets, …

What can the supply chain sector expect from COP27?

In all, it seems at the outset that COP27 will have no new material impact upon the logistics and supply chain industry. The targets which were set at COP26 are still in place but looking increasingly unachievable unless there is a sea-change in government policy.