Arvato expands its after-sales services for the automotive industry

The Corporate Information Management (CIM) Business Unit of Arvato SCM Solutions will take on additional after-sales responsibilities for Daimler AG. These include support for all hardware services relating to vehicle diagnostic systems and the creation of operating instructions.

According to the agreement reached, Arvato SCM Solutions will also be responsible for the worldwide hardware services supporting the approximately 25,000 diagnostic systems in the auto workshops. Within this scope, Arvato will support the entire hardware life cycle: From accessing system components at the suppliers through parameterization and shipping the devices, repairs coordination to components traceability. Beyond this, client-specific configurations and assemblies, as well as service inquiries to auto workshops will also be provided by the company.

Arvato will also be responsible for the creation of operating instructions for certain vehicle models. Specifically, the services offered will include the conception and design of documents, researching and editing as well as illustration using photos or 3-D data. The team – consisting of technical editors and illustrators – will work within the editing system implemented at the clients.

“We’re excited about extending and expanding our previously fruitful cooperation,” stated Boris Scholz, CEO Corporate Information Management, Arvato SCM Solutions.

Source: Arvato