Arcese expands its fleet with new semi-trailers

Arcese will add over 400 MEGA Huckepack XLS semi-trailers to its fleet by the end of 2016. This model of trailer has its side slats integrated into the tarpaulin cover by means of a tensioning system on the inner side, which maintains the shape of the template during transport. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for loads which tend to bulge in the curtain during transport, such as tyres or goods in bulk. For example, loads that tend to inflate can be adapted, side opening is easier, and loading/unloading operations are faster. Moreover, the integrated tensioning system of the XLS semi-trailer both meets market requirements in terms of load security, and reduces the risk of theft.

Marco Manfredini, FTL Director for Arcese, said, “Our vehicles travel thousands of kilometres every day. The use of new and state-of-the-art vehicles represents Arcese’s commitment to meeting our clients’ requirements as best as we can. Besides guaranteeing the highest safety for the goods, this new type of semi-trailer allows for easier side loading and unloading activities and greater safety during handling operations.”

Source: Arcese