Aramex expands its presence in Morocco

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Aramex has announced the opening of a new branch in the Laâyoune area of Morocco, further growing the company’s footprint in the country. The expansion is in line with Aramex’s plans to further expand its presence and branch network in the country, attempting to address the increasing demand from B2B and B2C customers for faster and more reliable delivery solutions. The company had a successful 2021.

The new branch will provide Aramex’s customers in the provinces of southern Morocco a better access to a wide range of logistics and delivery services.

Aramex started its operations in Morocco in 1999 with the establishment of its Casablanca logistics hub. Fully equipped with a fleet of vehicles and warehousing, storage, and distribution facilities, Aramex provides transportation solutions, including express courier, freight forwarding, warehousing and logistics through 10 locations across the Kingdom. The addition of the new branch brings Aramex’s total operations in Morocco to more than 38,100 square metres of logistics infrastructure reaching customers in over 350 cities. Aramex plans to further increase its network to serve more than 550 cities by 2023.

Source: Aramex