Agility increases presence in Latin America


Agility has announced an expansion to its Latin America network with the addition of company-owned operations in Bogota, Medellin and Cali in Colombia. According to the announcement Agility plans to partner with Colombian-based Navemar Group to launch Agility Colombia.

Following this expansion Agility’s network in the region is expected to include owned operations in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia. In addition to its owned operations, Agility also has existing strategic partnerships with agents across the South and Central America and the Caribbean regions.

Agility Colombia is expected to offer export/import services, air freight, ocean freight, inland freight, warehousing, distribution and other services. Agility Colombia has been announced as a joint venture with Colombian logistics company, Navemar Group which also has operations in Costa Rica, Panama and Venezuela.

Margarita Sanmartin, Country Manager of Agility Colombia, said of the announcement, “Colombia is a vibrant retail and consumer market and a supplier of important agricultural, mineral and energy commodities. With political stabilization, it has a chance to be an important bridge between South and Central America as economies in the region deepen their integration.” Sanmartin added, “Customers want world-class logistics and supply chain services from providers that know the country and the region.”

According to the 2016 Agility Logistics Emerging Market Index (AEMLI), US shipments to Colombia showed the most growth among the top 10 lanes analysed in the annual report, with an 11.7% increase in 2015. The main drivers for growth were an increase in export tonnage of fresh flowers and cereals and a higher need for cold chain solutions. Download your copy of the Index here:

Source: Agility