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Global Express and Small Parcels

Global Express & Small Parcels 2021 provides analysis of the current state of the market and the future of the market, with a focus on the challenges that lie ahead for the on-demand sector.

Global Freight Forwarding 2021

Global Freight Forwarding 2021 provides a detailed, up to date look at the continued impact of COVID-19 on the market and other major trends and drivers affecting the market in 2021 and beyond.


Global Supply Chain Intelligence (GSCi) is an online knowledge platform which allows users to manipulate unique data and analysis dedicated to the logistics industry

Total Logistics

Total Logistics 2021 examines the future of logistics market growth and core trends for 2021. The report also contains a full overview of key logistics markets, Ti’s bespoke market sizing, split by market and region and post-Covid growth forecasts.

Supply Chain Leaders

Supply Chain Leaders (SCL) is an interactive search tool, created by Ti to help shippers outsourcing their logistics operations find their perfect 3PL partner in minutes.

Global Contract Logistics 2019/2020 Update

This report examines key trends and changes in logistics operations and shippers’ businesses with a focus on real world impacts for the contract logistics market and contract logistics providers.

European Road Freight Transport 2019/2020 Update

European Road Freight Transport 2019/2020 Update examines key trends in road freight operations and investigates how the market is changing by assessing cost structures, EU policy chnages, shippers’ requirements and digital freight marketplaces.